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July 24, 2013
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“Nya~!” You didn’t expect for Sebastian to be patrolling the hallways. “S-sorry, I couldn’t sleep and I was bored.”

 “It’s alright.” He smiled sympathetically. “Would you like to accompany me to my quarters?”

 -Short time skip-

 Somehow, you ended up recounting horrifying things from the facility out loud. Sebastian listened intently with a calm expression on his face, like he had seen far worse. But then again, he was a demon. (Undertaker had taught you far more about supernatural beings that anyone would ever need to know) Grotesque images of mutilated, mutant corpses lingered in your mind after the storytelling was over. You unconsciously clung to Sebastian’s arm as a means to steady your nerves.

 He chuckled, pulling you into his lap and stroking your (h/c) hair. You purred in contentment and leaned into his touch, finally relaxing. His gloved fingers ‘accidentally’ came in contact with your cat ears and brushed them ever so delicately. You flinched, and for some reason, your cheeks heated up at the brief sensation.

 Sebastian noticed this and grinned with an odd gleam in his crimson eyes. “It seems that you are quite sensitive, _____.” His velvety voice and warm breath at the nape of your neck sent shivers down your spine; your blush worsened.

 “Wha- Ah!” Before you could stop him, he nipped at your neck. You mewled and made a feeble attempt at pulling away. Frankly, you didn’t want to resist. There was something intriguingly pleasurable about being touched like this that made your heart pound.

 It was as if you were injected with a drug; your mind became a muddled mess. A peculiar desire was washing over and setting your senses alight. Something within you craved for more, but you fought back.

 “S-Sebastian… stop…”

 He grinned deviously, then shook his head and replied in the velvety voice that sent your pulse racing, “I’m afraid that I cannot.”

 Before you knew it, his lips met greedily with yours, and you gasped. He took this opportunity to deepen the kiss. At this point, you succumbed to the intoxicating desire and yielded. The sound of fabric ripping was heard as he began tore your maid uniform, exposing your breasts and panties. Your fingers fumbled for his tie, undoing the knot and slipping it from his collar.

Finally, the need for air became unbearable, so you broke away, completely red and panting heavily. Sebastian seemed unfazed, and chuckled in a quiet, seductive manner that prompted you to begin unbuttoning his shirt. You wanted more of him; his scent, his touch. You wanted more of this feeling, whatever it was.

 “Se-..bas-..tian…” Your hands traced the contours of Sebastian’s chest hungrily. “Please.. Give me more…”

 “My, my…” He shrugged off his jacket slowly, leaving it on the nightstand. “You’ve changed your mind?”

 Sebastian slid a hand up your inner leg and started stroking your covered entrance with his thumb, making you shudder in pleasure. You purred loudly, half-closing your eyes. Your tail was twitching erratically. He grinned and brought his other hand to tease your breasts.

 Your panties were becoming increasingly soaked with the juices leaking out of your burning core. Sebastian noticed this and grinned, taking off a glove with his teeth in a provocative fashion. You slid the soaked piece of fabric down your legs and cast them on the floor with what used to be your maid uniform.

 Slowly, he slipped a slender finger inside you, watching in enjoyment as your lips quivered and your breath grew heavier. He began moving, cautiously as you became accustomed to this new sensation. A strange, intensely pleasurable pressure began building in your lower abdomen, drawing loud moans from your lips. He added another finger as his pace quickened, and with his thumb, he began teasing the sensitive button between your legs. Your hot walls twitched and throbbed, tightening around him.

 “A-AH!” The knot of pure pleasure in your lower abdomen was overwhelming, but just before it could be released, you felt Sebastian withdraw. You whined a little, missing his touch already. “Sebastian…”

 “Hmm~?” Sebastian looked into your eyes with a teasing, ruby gaze while his tongue lapped up your juices from his fingers.

 If it was possible, your face turned even redder as you mumbled, “…I want you…”

 “Speak up, kitten.” The possibility of him not hearing your words was miniscule; he just enjoyed toying with you. “What is it that you want?”

 You became even more flustered, but the strange lust and desire was still burning inside of you and drove you to crave for even more of him. “I want y-you inside of me!”

 Your tail began rubbing up against the growing bulge in Sebastian’s pants eagerly. His breath hitched a bit as you stroked it, enticing you to continue. You replaced the tail with your hand, and your lips ghosted over the lithe muscles of his chest. You hungered for him, so much so that you didn’t know how to stop yourself from submitting to his desires. Perhaps it was because of his demonic powers, but you were too far gone to realize it.

 “An eager little kitten, aren’t you?” He stripped off the rest of his clothes slowly, enjoying the impatient gleam in your (e/c) eyes. “Why don’t you take care of this?”

 Your eyes widened at the sight of his erect member. It was fairly large, not that you had any experience to compare it to. Hesitantly, you gave the tip a testing lick, pondering how it would possibly all fit in your petite mouth. He let out a small groan and knotted his hands in your hair, urging you to continue.

 You wrapped your fingers around his velvety, hard shaft and began massaging it, while your tongue worked on the hot, twitching tip. Sebastian’s breathing became heavy, and the grip on your hair tightened. You grinned mischievously, licking away the salty precum that had begun oozing. Next, you made sure to work your way all around, leaving no spot untouched by your tongue, pausing now and then to glance up and meet his half-lidded, hypnotic eyes. Lust shot through your system like electricity.

 Finally, you opened wide and, with a bit of difficulty, took him into your mouth. Sebastian groaned again. Your tongue never ceased caressing the sensitive head as it went deeper. You gagged a little as it scraped the back of your throat and moaned in surprise as Sebastian pushed down on your head, making you take in more and more of his stiff member. His leg muscles tensed at the intensely pleasurable effect your moans created. You noticed this and smiled internally, moaning again to send him over the edge.

 He shuddered under you. His member throbbed against your tongue once, twice, and then his hot seed spilled into your mouth without warning. You weren’t expecting the salty substance at all (you’ve been locked up in a facility for years, what did you expect?). Somehow, just the taste of it drove your mind into a frenzy. You pulled your mouth off and swallowed most of it; what was left dribbled out of the corners of your mouth. The heat in your throbbing entrance was unbearable as it begged for him.

 “Good girl.” His breath was heavy as he pulled you to his lips again.

 It was a bit rougher than before, his tongue easily winning dominance. You moaned into the kiss; it was too much. You broke off, panting quite heavily and flushed red. “Please, I can’t take it anymore! I need you NOW!”

 His lust filled gaze locked with yours, and the corners of his lips turned into a devilish grin. “Of course, my kitten.”

 Sebastian began trailing rough kisses down from your neck, leaving red marks behind. You whimpered at each kiss, bringing your legs around his waist on impulse. He paused to gaze into your hungry eyes and grin again. Finally, he positioned himself at your hot and pulsating entrance, rubbing against your love button and earning a moan from you.

 “Sorry, kitten, but this will hurt.”

 Pain. It felt like you were being ripped apart. You were used to pain, but that didn’t help you from clutching at the bed sheets and gasping loudly. Sebastian slid his member all the way into your burning core with a low groan, then stopped. The pain got a bit worse, then slowly began to fade. (emphasis on slowly) Meanwhile, Sebastian brought you into another deep kiss in an attempt to make the pain seem less.. painful.

 It took a while for most of the pain to fade away. “Sebastian… p-please”

 He began to move, slowly at first, then picking up speed as his breath became heavier. The beginning still hurt, but as the speed he thrusted into you increased, you found yourself moaning and clawing the sheets in pleasure. You started matching his thrusts with your own, caught in the ecstasy of this moment.

His mouth traveled to your collarbone, and the kisses he inflicted was so rough that you felt something warm trickling from the place he bit down at. Still, the pain just added to the pure bliss you felt. His hot, heavy breath on your neck sent little shivers down your spine. His member pounded into a spot that had you shudder and cry out.

 “Ah~!” The knot built up again, tightened, and burst. “Sebastian!!” Your walls tightened and a hot liquid came out of your womanhood.

 Sebastian gave a few more hard thrusts, then his hot seed shot into you. “_-____!”

 He pulled out and lowered himself to lie with you in his arms. You were exhausted, still flushed a bit pink, but you nuzzled into his chest. Sebastian pulled the blanket over both of you, and you quickly drifted asleep.

 -Sebastian’s POV-

 Hmm… Having this kitten in my control was quite fun. I watched as _____’s cat ears twitched in her sleep. Too bad this will wear off in the morning. Maybe she’ll hate me.
Okay I am so sorry that it took so long but here it is tada~
Yes, Sebastian's using his demon powers to seduce her and has sex with her. It's a lemon.

Ch. 1:…
Ch. 2:…
Ch. 3:…
Ch. 5:…

Okay now that this is out of the way hopefully I'll update more often and I don't own Black Butler
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